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This site is where I show off my bald cock, and all my other kinks. Truth is, I wish I was a porn star fucking on camera. I want to shoot my hot cum all over the faces and tongues of dirty little cum sluts. But since that's not going to happen, I've got this site where I can fantasize that it does.

I've got this super hot fantasy:

Women rule the earth. Men are simply play things for the women. And cum is a delicacy. Like caviar. Women keep their men as slaves. Sex slaves. And all they care about is their cocks. And the hot cum that shoots out of those cocks. The men are at the mercy of the women that own them. And these women like to show off the cocks that they own. They walk around with their cock slaves. They tie cock harnesses around their men and pull them around by their cocks. And they love to keep their cocks shaved bald and put colorful cock rings on their cocks. Whenever the women are hungry for cum, they call their cock slaves to them and make them jerk their cocks until they shoot their hot all over their tongues. And they lick the cum off their cocks. Eating every drop. The most precious delicacy. And they show off the cocks they own. They make their cock slaves stand in front of all their friends, rock hard, with the colorful cock rings squeezing their hard, bald cocks. The powerful women have cum parties, where they share the cock slaves and let their friends eat all the cum they want. And the men are nothing more than hard cocks for the women to play with. And the cum that shoots out of their hard, bald cocks is all that the women want. Hard, bald cocks and hot cum.

Pretty hot, huh? So this site is nothing but pics of my bald cock and pics of cum sluts eating cum. Enjoy!

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Discover some details about me
NameRod iron
Zodiac signGemini
Pubic HairShaved
Weight175 pounds
Body typeSlim
Sexual preferenceStraight
Cock Size8 inches
SmokeNon Smoker
CountryUnited States
Favorite PositionReverse Cowgirl
Dream JobPorn Star
Preferred Cum TargetTongue
Favorite Porn starGia DiMarco

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5-10-22 photo shoot

Got naked in front of the camera last night and this happened!

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My cock is so hard!

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